Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's been a while since my last post.  I haven't quite felt like myself lately, and unfortunately my energy and appetite levels have really suffered.  I'm happy to say that I'm slowly coming to, and hope to be back into the regular swing of things in the next few weeks, along with catching up on crafty projects.  But first, I really should give thanks to one of the few who helped me get back onto my feet: the humble ginger root.

My relationship with ginger started out quite difficult.  As a child, my accidental encounters with ginger were quickly followed by a scrunchy face and spitting reaction.  Luckily when I got older, I found ways to enjoy the strange pale yellow tuber.  I liked the pretty pink pickled ginger served at Japanese restaurants, and the way it delivered a sweet and refreshing kick in the mouth.  I discovered ginger beer at the Jamaican patty shop, likening it to a spicier and bolder version of ginger ale.  And of course, hot ginger tea with honey or rock sugar became my go-to homemade cure for stomach aches.

Today, you'll always find a piece of fresh ginger in my fridge.  I use it in masala chai, salad dressing, or to spice up a simple soup.  And it's always handy to have when an upset stomach strikes unexpectedly, which I've been having more often than I'd like to of late.  On the worst days, I can't even bring myself to make a simple ginger tea.  So I pre-made ginger snaps and ginger syrup, both of which can keep for a few days and are ready-to-eat when a tummy ache strikes, but it turns out that these recipes are great for any time if you're a ginger lover.

The ginger snaps are a hundred times better than your store bought variety, because they're packed with 3 kinds of ginger: powder, fresh and candied.  For extra potency, throw in a little extra of each, and I guarantee these snaps will blow your mind. You can easily make the recipe vegan by substituting the egg for flax meal and water, and the butter for half applesauce, half vegetable oil.

The ginger syrup is brilliant when mixed with drinks -- club soda, orange juice, hot water, Wild Turkey, you name it.  I recommend fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, soda water and ice cubes.  It tastes like summer. You can even drizzle some syrup on granola and yogurt, or whizz it in to sweeten a fruit smoothie.


  1. Do you make your own ginger syrup? I'd love to see how that's made.

    1. Sorry JP, I am very, VERY lazy when it comes to re-typing out recipes. The ginger syrup one came from this website; I've also made it into a weblink in my post above.