Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last-Minute Holiday Decorations

Oh, the holidays.  What other time of the year do we all feel more gleeful, thankful, burned out and busy, all at once?  It's also a special time when even non-crafty folks get a-craftin', with their holiday baking, card making and gift wrapping.

DIY decorations is where it all starts.  As a kid, we all made decorations at home or in school, whether it was a paper-cut snowflake, or a greeting card for grandma.  But who says you can't make your own decorations as an adult?  With a little time, supplies and creativity, you can easily make your space colourful and festive-ready.

I love these simple ornaments made from a corrugated cardboard box and black marker.  I made some of my own and strung them up on a bouquet of birch branches.  Feel free to print out this template to help you along with your own cardboard ornaments.

If you prefer something a little less childish and two-dimensional, here's a short list of my favourite online tutorials that will show you how to make ornaments and garlands you'll be happy to wrap around everything.

Tissue Paper Tassel garland -- The Sweetest Occasion
Yarn Pom Pom garland -- Design Sponge
Felt Twisty ornaments -- Purl Bee
Fabric Flag Bunting garland -- Christie Chase (fast way), Pink Suede Shoe

Enjoy the festive season....... see you all in the new year!

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