Friday, April 11, 2014

Hello, Spring

Spring!  The season of possibilities and new beginnings.  And how.  Today it was 15 degrees and sunny, and it sure felt like the whole world was smiling.

I wanted to make a batch of bunny-shaped digestive cookies for Easter, but my nearby supply shop was all out of bunny cutters.  Insert teeth-grinding sound here.  Luckily, bending an inexpensive round metal cutter into a bunny shape worked surprisingly well.  Better yet, it looks like the lovable and sweet Miffy, so I went with it.

Miffy Cookie Cutter

Buy a somewhat flexible, 4" round metal cookie cutter.  A 3" cutter will also work, but you'll need to adjust the measurements accordingly.  Find the seam (where the metal ends are joined), and turn the cutter so that the seam is on the bottom (where the bunny's chin would be).

Directly across from the seam, make a bend that facing inwards.  Push the bend inwards until it is at a 90-degree angle.  Now make two outward bends, located about 1-3/4" on either side of your first bend.  These two bends will form the pointed tips of the bunny ears.  Squeeze the bends together to form the ears, while also pushing the first bend in further.  Lastly, make two inward bends, located about 1-3/4" away from each of the two outward bends.  Now you can make tiny adjustments all over to finish your bunny shape the way you like it.

The final cutter will be about 4" tall and 2-1/2" wide.  If you're looking for something to cut, may I suggest these digestive cookies (frosted or plain), these sweet potato biscuits, or these carrot cake pancakes.

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