Monday, July 21, 2014

A Simple Thank You Card

The keys to our new house are in our hands, and the excitement level is finally rising.  There's always anxiety, nervousness, and uncertainty that comes with these big changes, but it's a welcome shake-up to our routine lives.  The move is in a few days, and it feels daunting and impossible already.

Earlier this month, we had to say good-bye to our daughter's caregiver.  I didn't think it would be so emotionally hard.  She was such a sweet, dedicated person.  I really trusted her and felt that she treated my daughter as one of her own.  We both cried on the last day, and thinking back, I'm tearing up a little right now.  I hope my daughter adjusts quickly to her new caregiver; she hasn't quite been the same cheery little kid since.

I made a quick 'thank you' card to go a long with a cheese and pickle gift basket, but card crafting is tricky when your art supplies are packed away in an unmarked box.  Luckily, I found some card stock and a decent fine-tip marker, but all my paints, brushes, and coloured paper were nowhere to be seen.  Desperate to add some colour to the card, I used a few dabs of blueberry preserves from the fridge, and smeared it on the front of the card with my finger, then wiped with a dry paper towel to remove the tiny seeds.  The effect was surprisingly suitable for the occasion: a soft, muted smudge of grey-blue that said both 'thank you' and 'sorry to do this to you'.  This fruit smudge technique just might be a keeper.

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