Monday, May 4, 2015

Little Kids' Tote Bag

I bought a twin bed sheet set from Target last year, and it came packaged in a little fabric bag with a velcro closure.  I figured it was too floppy to be of any use, but I felt weird about tossing it.  So I put it aside for another day, hoping that it would prove itself in the future.  And it has.

I turned it into a little tote bag for my 2-year old to use at daycare.  It's pretty much the same bag as before, but with a handle and a name tag.  I simply sewed up the open side of a strip of double bias tape (which was cut about 6 inches longer than the width of the bag), and folded and sewed the ends to the bag.  The name tag is a scrap piece of this ribbon; her name was hand-printed on it, and the tag was sewed onto the front flap.

The bag has proven handy in keeping her extra daycare clothes organized in one place.  I also love that it was put together using 3 scraps I had on-hand: the bag itself, the bias tape, and the ribbon.

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  1. I like the re-purpose! That label is so cute too!