Friday, August 21, 2015

Plum Yum

The inevitable happened.  My car broke down while I was driving downtown, with a baby passenger in the back seat.  I was stopped at an intersection, and suddenly my 13-year old car closed its eyes and flew up into car heaven, leaving me, baby, and our nice picnic lunch stranded in a sea of traffic.

We have been shopping for a replacement, but these things take time.  Surprisingly, I've been enjoying this new car-free life.  Walking to my daughter's daycare with her alongside is one of the highlights of my day.  Everything is interesting to her: snails, flowers, big trucks, fruit trees, and stray cats.  On some days after dropping her off, I walk over to the nearby farmers' market and ogle the freshly picked fruits and vegetables.  It was there that I tasted plums that were incredibly sweet and juicy, not at all like the dry and bland fruits that I remember them to be.  Our house has not been plum-free since.

And yet, a small family such as ours can only eat so many fresh plums.  That's when it's time to cook them into warm, soft, sweet, jammy plum foods.  Here is a short round-up of my favourite plum recipes:

- Black Plum Preserves
- Plum Clafoutis
- Purple Plum Torte
- Sugar Plum Crepes

Wishing you plums aplenty before the summer's end!


  1. Mmm! Quite like the Damson plums myself. You're not alone, I ogle the fruits and vegetables too!

    1. Ha! What a bunch of fruit and vegetable pervs we are. Damson plums? I've never heard them called that! I've only ever heard them called black plums, blue plums, Italian plums, or prune plums.

    2. I think they are blue plums, some of the stands at the farmer's market near me label them Damson plums.