Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Make Cake and Have Fun

Being a perfectionist by nature, I always obsess over every tiny detail (like this guy) when I'm crafting up something.  It can end up killing the fun out of the whole process.

This very tall chocolate birthday cake is the opposite: a silly, ridiculous cake.  Because that's what birthday celebrations should be about, no?  It was originally 7 layers tall, but when I stacked it all up and turned around to fix my camera, the whole thing fell over.  Ah well.  It didn't matter; the recipient loved his weird cake anyway.


  1. That's an awesome cake! I love how different it is. -SC

    1. Thanks... it's the sort of thing you can only make for someone you're really close with, because they'll appreciate the effort. In fact, it's the sort of thing you can only make for someone you LIVE with, because you can't really bring it anywhere.

    2. Haha! well, any home baked cake by you would be awesome even if it was all chopped up and didn't look good! Which reminds me, happy belated...I'm such a bad friend! -SC