Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stories About Girls

Yesterday, my one-year-old daughter's caregiver told me how impressed she was that my daughter is a risk taker, like when she tried to climb up the book shelf.  As a cautious person myself, it's not easy to embrace the idea that your baby girl has little regard for her own safety.  But after reading this article about how parents treat their girls differently than boys, I'm trying to be better at it.

In celebration of International Women's Day, here's an easy activity you can do with your kids.  Read them one of their favourite books, but change the genders around so that the boys are now girls.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar?  SHE was a beautiful butterfly!  Little Red Riding Hood?  Saved by a female hunter!  Three Billy Goats Gruff?  The fierce mama billy goat butts heads with an ugly troll!  I'm convinced that reading more stories to our children about females who are bold, adventurous, and strong will help them understand that girls can be outspoken and fearless too.


  1. How am I not surprised that your little one is a risk taker? She must get that from MA (geez, I just realised that you're all Ms, except the littlest one). I like the idea of changing the genders. And you not a risk taker? Seems like someones one year trip around the world constituted a fairly big adventure and risk that most people would only dream of.

    1. Funny you should bring that up. We talked about this exact thing, and determined that both of us are adventurous in different ways. Him: comfortable taking risks physically and socially. Me: craves new/different experiences, like travelling to foreign places or trying new restaurants.