Saturday, June 22, 2013

Travel Like A Blogger

Sorry folks, it's been too long since I last checked in.  So much to do, so little time.

Hurray for a new mini project I'm working on: a map-guide of my favourite bakeries in my little Toronto neighborhood.  I'm very excited that I'll finally be making my own hand drawn map, which I've wanted to try out ever since I laid my eyes on these beauties.  Buying and eating baked goodies every day isn't so bad either.  Tee-hee!

Everyone loves a good recommendation from a local.  In fact, travelling like a local is just about everyone's mantra when visiting a new place.  We all want to discover and frequent those tiny bars, little shops, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants where we can immerse ourselves with local sounds, people and flavour.  But as an outsider, finding these gems is not easy work.  Travel guidebook listings tend to be places overrun by other tourists.  Local newspapers will tell you what's popular with the masses, with less focus on the small and independently run spots.  Couchsurfing is probably your best bet, but it's certainly not for everyone.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet and the vast quantity of user uploaded content out there, we can now learn about where local people go to eat, drink, shop, and play by reading the blogs they write.  If you're really lucky, the bloggers on your regular reading list will live in the places you're planning on visiting, have a good ear to the ground, and enjoying writing all about it.

Here's my short list of food and design bloggers that I would gladly take local advice from:

> Long Beach, California -- Jennifer Chong
> Los Angeles, California -- Oh Joy and Jennifer Chong
> San Francisco, California -- SF Girl By Bay and Oh Happy Day
> Seattle, Washington -- Elephantine
> Paris, France -- David Lebowitz, Chocolate & Zucchini, and Oh Happy Day

Happy travels, enjoy the hot-hot summer sun, and stay tuned for my bakery map-guide!

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