Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bunting Cake Decoration

Happy Pride Week!  Summer is for celebrations.  Here's a quick tutorial that will walk you through making an easy flag bunting cake decoration using supplies you have on-hand.  If you don't have any sticky note paper, you could use regular paper and a glue stick to achieve the same effect.

Mini Flag Bunting Cake Topper

What you'll need to make 2 lines of flag bunting:

- a few sticky notes
- at least 12" of string
- 2 bamboo skewers (or 4 toothpicks, in a pinch)
- scissors
- fine-tipped marker

Cut one skewer into 2 pieces by eyeballing the middle point of the skewer, and making a cut about 1/2" to the left or right of the middle.  Do the same for the second skewer.

Next, measure the width of the cake where the bunting will hang, and add 3 inches.  Cut 2 pieces of string to this length, and tie each end to the ends of your skewer pieces.  You should now have two sets of two equal length "poles" tied together by a string.

Peel off one sticky note, and fold the top onto itself so that the sticky part is inside the fold.  The fold is best placed just under the sticky part; in other words, the fold area itself is not sticky.  Cut your flag shapes, and draw your letters using the marker.

Lay down your tied skewers on a flat surface so that the strings lay flat and straight.  Affix the flags by unfolding and refolding over the strings, and centering the flags between the skewers evenly.  No need to be too perfect; you can move the flags around carefully even after the skewers have been poked into the cake.

Once the flags are secured onto the strings, stab the skewers into the cake, with the longer pair behind the shorter pair so that both sets of flag letters can be seen.

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