Friday, June 26, 2015

Mini Kitchen Renovation

Just over one year ago, I signed my name on the deed to a 90-year old house in the east end of Toronto.  It's far from being my dream home, but it had all the basics, and I knew it would be a good place for raising our little girls. As much as I would love to spend big money to renovate and make our house a more enjoyable space, the sad reality is we can't afford it just yet.  I'm not even sure when we can.

So for now, we're stuck making small improvements to make the space we have more useful.  Surprisingly, some of these little improvements have made a big improvement!  Take our mini kitchen renovation, for example.  We added shelves and a rail to a narrow kitchen wall.  The shelves were cut from pine boards, sanded and sprayed with a clear protective coat.  The rail, hooks, and brackets are all from Ikea.  I was rather nervous about the brackets, as they look quite cheap (and are, only $1!), but against a white wall they blend right in.  The whole set-up cost less than $50, took less than an hour to prep and install, and now we have a cool little additional storage area in our kitchen.

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